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The body of John S. March, one of the five mail clerks of the steamship Titanic and father of Mrs. John A. Corwin, of 261 Stiles street, reached Newark yesterday from Halifax, Nova Scotia, and was taken charge of immediately by the undertaking firm of Smith & Smith. The body of Mr. March was recovered by the cable steamer Mackay-Bennett, searching for bodies at the scene of the disaster. The undertakers were surprised at the condition in which the body was shipped, as they allege that no effort had been made to embalm it and that the body was in a cheap pine box.

The undertakers said that it required much work to get the body in presentable shape, whereas it would have been possible for the undertakers on the steamer to have embalmed the body when it was taken from the water, or by those undertakers in Halifax, where the body lay for four days before being sent to Newark. According to the undertakers, Mr. March must have perished from cold or exposure, as there was no evidence to show that he had met death by drowning.

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