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Accident Policy For $29,000 Held by Lakewood Victim of the Titanic

Besides the large personal estate in securities, variously estimated at between $110,000 and $200,000, left by Stephen W. Blackwell of Trenton, he also carried accident life insurance for $33,000. According to the Insurance Press, he was among the largest holders of accident insurance who went down on the ill-fated steamer.

The estate was left to ex-Senator Jonathan Blackwell and William and Harry Blackwell, the father and brothers of Stephen W. Blackwell.

Alexander T. Compton, jr., of Lakewood also was heavily insured, carrying an accident policy of $29,000.

Life and accident insurance companies lost $3,464,111 as a result of the Titanic disaster, according to figures published in the current Insurance Press. That periodical states that the life insurance companies must pay $1,881,111 of that amount to the beneficiaries of policy holders who perished, while the accident companies are liable for $1,582,000.

Herbert P. Chaffee of North Dakota, who perished, held the largest amount of life insurance. The beneficiaries under his will are to receive $146,750 from his policies. Another westerner who was lost, Emil Brandeis of Omaha, Neb., carried the largest amount of accident insurance. His policies amounted to $175,000. John B. Thayer carried $120,000 worth of accident insurance and $50,000 in life insurance. Among those holding large accident policies the following are given: Charles M. Hays, $80,000 and Frank M. Warren, $56,000.


Mark Baber, USA


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  1. Anne C. Drummond

    Anne C. Drummond said:

    https://www.encyclopedia-titanica.org/compton-carried-heavy-insurance.html How does this relate to Martha Evelyn Stone? I don't see that she is mentioned in the quote.

  2. Mark Baber

    Mark Baber said:

    How does this relate to Martha Evelyn Stone? Oops. It doesn't; I mistakenly typed her ID number (287) rather than John B. Thayer's 297 when submitting the article.

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