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    Imanita Shelly Hall Cremation
    From the funeral home Chapel of the Chimes, Oakland CA I got the following details about Imanita Shelly Hall:Cremation date 5/26/54. Disposition: Chapel of peace. Birthplace Kentucky. Husband Jack  S. Hall. The funeral home sent me a c...
    Theodoor De Mulder death notice
    Descendants mentioned:Mevr. Wed. Theodor De Mulder, geboren Jeanette  D Hondt. Mijnheer Gilbert De Mulder, echtgenote en kinderen. Minjheer Jan De Mulder, echtgenote en kinderen. Minjheer Harry De Mulder echtgenote en kind. Mejuffer Ma...
    Mrs Bertha Christensen dies - Titanic survivor
    Mrs. Bertha Christensen. 82 of 88 White Springs Rd., one of the few remaining survivors of the Titanic, which went down  April 14 1912 in the Atlantic Ocean, died this morning  at  Geneva General Hospital. The Bennett Funeral Home i...
    Gus Cohen
    The nine-lives of Gus Cohen...
    Alfred Nourney obituary
    Translated from German language by Arne Mjaland:He died 60 years after the Titanic. Tennis club lost honour member . On the April 15 1912 he experienced the most terrible night in his  life.In  February this year&n...
    Pawtucket visitor among the victims
    One of the victims of the great wreck was Arthur E. Nicholson of London. England, a frequent  visitor to this city. where he occasionally called upon his personal friends, ex senator Lyonas Delany of the firm  of the Lyons Delany Compan...
    Death of a Creswell soldier
    According to an obituary in the Worksop Guardian Mr. Hardwick lived at 70 Duke Street, Creswell.  He  succumbed following an illness of two days at the Fulham Hospital, London. He had only been a soldier for  eight w...
    Seventy-five Registered Letters Were Sent (from Norway) With the Titanic in 1912
    Top row 5th from left: Jorgen Birkesfol who sent a registered letter with Titanic...
    Local man, Bride, Titanic Victims
    John H. Chapman and Wife met Death, His Body recovered.John H. Chapman, who, with his wife, Elizabeth Chapman, lost his life in the Titanic disaster, was from more than two years a resident of Spokane and was returning here with his bride...
    Titanic Survivor in Precarious Condition at Brother's Home Mrs. Peter C. Hansen, the survivor of the steamer Titanic, who arrived in Racine Wednesday, is still in an extremely nervous condition, and is still not able to be around. She is staying at t...
    Tower Hill, London War Memorial
    In Memory Of Fireman and Trimmer George Terrill ThresherSS Parkhill (Methil) Merchant NavyWho Died aged 52[Fireman and Trimmer Thresher, Son of George Samuel and Catherine Thresher, husband of Jane Thresher of Felling, Co. Durham....
    Mr. James Walpole
    As stated in Tuesdays Visitor among the crew of the ill fated liner was Mr. James Walpole, brother of Mr. Horace Walpole, of 17 Line-street, Southport and brother-in-law of the late Mr. W. E. Browne. A native of Southport, Mr...
    Death of Mrs. M. Dutton
    Mrs. Marjorie Dutton (61), a survivor of the Titanic disaster, has died at the Langdale Nursing Home, Gosport, after a long illness. With her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Collyer, Mrs. Dutton, then aged eight, was bound for America in th...
    Deaths and Funerals : William Coutts
    Police said William L. Coutts, 55, of 561 S. Negley Ave., Pittsburgh, was found dead at 11.31 p.m., Tuesday, between two houses in the 100 block of S. Water Street. Coutt's body was discovered by Alfred Rhea of 155 S. Wter St., who told poli...
    Karen Little (Abelseth) Death Notice
    LITTLE, Karen M. of InglewoodSurvived by husband Harry S. Little; sons Norman H. of La Palma and Francis C.Little of Buena Park; daughters Wanda M.Martin of Inglewood and Iris E. Roeder of Anaheim; sisters Lisa Sandness of Culver City, Berth...
    Marguerite Schwarzenbach-Frölicher
    T O D E S A N Z E I G EUnsere liebe Mutter und GroßmutterMarguerite Schwarzenbach-Frölicherist nach langer Krankheit ruhig gestorben.Lilo und Georg Sulzer-Schwarzenbachund Kinder, Wi...
    Mr. Charles Bainbrigge, a member of a well-known Guernsey family, was a second-class passenger on the Titanic, his name having been published as Mr. Bainbrigge. So far, his name has not been announced among the saved....
    Mr. Walter Ennis
    Another local passenger was Mr Walter Ennis, who was engaged on the Titanic as Turkish bathman and masseur. He was previously employed by Smedley Hydro, Birkdale in a similar position, having been there about six years. This was his first voyage, and...
    Page 6, column 8 Mrs. Marguerite Schwarzenbach, 82, died in Zurich, Switzerland, Sunday after a lengthy illness. She was the mother of Robert M. Schwarzenbach of Wilson's Point, South Norwalk.The widow of the late Robert J. F. Schwa...
    On October 1 1967, ADA E. (nee Hall) of the Masonic Homes, Cockeysville; the beloved wife of the late William R. Perine; mother of Rev. William Ball and Mr Edgar William Ball. Funeral services at the William Cook-Brooks —Towson — Funera...
    Victim Spends Year on Trail of Asserted Fleecers---------- SAN JOSE, July 4. (AP) - Charged with swindling J. T. Taylor, retired New Yorker, out of $27,000 in a fake horse race deal, C. W. Coleman 55 years of age, and George ...
    Tragedy Repeats in Dual Suicide
    In the same dwelling in which his wife-sorrowing over the death of their son following a tonsilectomy-had shot herself to death. George A. Brereton, 67, yesterday put a bullet through his head. The second tragedy-20 years after the first...
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    Ramon Artagaveytia
    1st Class Passenger

    Charles Robert Bainbrigge
    2nd Class Passenger

    Ada Elizabeth Balls
    2nd Class Passenger

    George Andrew Brereton
    1st Class Passenger

    Joseph Pierre Duquemin
    3rd Class Passenger

    Caroline Louise Endres
    1st Class Passenger

    Claus Peter Hansen
    3rd Class Passenger

    Jennie Louise Hansen
    3rd Class Passenger

    Bernt Johannes Johannesen
    3rd Class Passenger

    Manca Karun
    3rd Class Passenger

    Thomas Knowles
    Engineering Crew

    Kalle Edvard Mäkinen
    3rd Class Passenger

    Alfred G. Rowe
    1st Class Passenger

    Edward Ryan
    3rd Class Passenger

    Maude Sincock
    2nd Class Passenger

    Juho Niilosson Strandén
    3rd Class Passenger

    James Walpole
    Victualling Crew