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    Probate Report [Stephen Curnow Jenkin]
    JENKIN Stephen Curnow of Nanjivey St Ives Cornwall died 15 April 1912 at sea Administration Bodmin 21 November 1912 to John Jenkin blacksmith Effects £201 8s 2d ...
    Hold Family Information
    from Porthoustock in the parish of St Keverne...
    Cornish Lady's Experience
    Mrs Ould was returning to Sacramento, after a visit to Cornwall....
    Titanic Disaster, Westcountry Passengers and Crew
    Four persons on board well known at St. Keverne, Cornwall...
    Westcountry Connections
    An interesting conversation with two of the survivors...
    From the Westcountry
    Captain and Mrs. T. Hoskings (sic), 17, The Green, Shaldon, received a telegram yesterday from Mr. Bock (the former’s cousin), now in America, to the effect that he had travelled down to New York, 300 miles from his home, hoping to meet their...
    Bristow Family Information
    Harry Bristow was a son of John Bristow and Mary Ann (nee Barnes). He was born in 1873 at the south Cornwall coastal town of East Looe in the part of the town known as Shutta....
    Name reported on Carpathia as Ellen Wickes...
    Our Boys on the 'Titanic' - George Hocking and others
    Was member of the Young Men’s Christian Association Choir...
    Penzance party on Titanic bound for Akron
    Seven adults and four young children from Penzance all bound to Akron....
    Titanic Disaster, Westcountry Passengers and Crew (Wilkes, Hocking...)
    No news received as to the fate of Mrs Ellen Wilkes......
    Thomas Blake (Census)
    Thomas Blake is shown aged 25 living in Woolwich, London. He was described as a ships fireman and stated as born in St. Austell, Cornwall.Reference to the 1881 census shows Thomas Blake aged 5, the son of Guy Blake (gardener) and Harriet. At...
    Shaldon and the Disaster
    Mr. Henry Forbes Julian, one of the first-class passengers, of Redholme, Torquay, is also among the missing. He formerly resided at Ness House. Mr. Forbes made a fortune in South Africa with a patent for separating gold from quartz, and during his...
    Braund Bros
    Lewis Richard Braund (front row, left), Owen Harris Braund (back row, right), with their brothers William James Braund (back row, left) and John Morcom Braund (front row, right). ...
    Pitman Gravestone
    In Love We Remember. Herbert John Pitman M.B.E. 1877-1961. Merchant Navy 1895-1947 Rest In Peace. 3rd Officer S.S. Titanic 1912....
    Lawry Family Information
    Charity, who travelled as a third class passenger with her husband Alexander Robins was born in the parish of St. Mewan, Cornwall on 18 January 1865.At the time of the 1871 Census, aged 7, she was living at St. Austell with her parents and 8 si...
    Nancarrow Family Information
    William Henry Nancarrow was the only son of the second marriage of Thomas Nancarrow (b1819). His mother was Maria (b1840). His birth took place in or near St. Austell, Cornwall in 1877. His father was described in the various census returns as...
    Stanlick Family Information
    Cordelia (Delia) Stanlick was born at Tywardreath, Cornwall in 1878. She was the daughter of Thomas and Amelia Stanlick. Her father, born in Devon in 1832 worked as a miner and in later years as a farm labourer.The 1881 Cornwall Census has the...
    Lobb Family Information
    The correct origins of William Arthur Lobb, third class passenger on Titanic have now been established. The 1891 Cornwall Census shows that William Arthur Lobb was born in the parish of Luxulyan (5 miles NE of St. Austell) in 1881 and that he was th...
    1901 Census - Sholing, Hampshire
    Richard Proudfoot has now been traced to Sholing, Hampshire on the 1901 Census. (Surname spelled incorrectly as Proudford).The family information was as follows -Jane Proudfoot 28 born. DevonRichard Proudfoot 10 born. DevonHel...
    1891 Census, Charlton, London
    At the time of the 1891 census, Reginald G Smith, aged 11, was a school boarder at Park House, Cresswell Park, Charlton, London. ...
    Thomas Hughes 1822-1896 (father of Mrs. Lilian Carter)
    Lilian's father, Thomas Hughes was educated at Oriel College, Oxford. He was a Liberal MP and barrister and spent much time promoting Working Men's Education and the Co-operative movement.He is most well known as author of 'Tom Brown's Schoolda...
    Mr. & Mrs. E. A. Sanders (uncle and aunt)
    In April 1912 the Exeter Flying Post newspaper reported that Titanic victim, Mrs. Lilian Carter, was a neice of Mrs. E. A. Sanders of Stoke House.Mrs. Lilian Carter (formerly Hughes) was a daughter of Thomas Hughes and Frances (formerly Ford)....
    Rev. Wynell Henry Carter (brother of Rev. Ernest Carter)
    At the time of the tragedy in 1912 the Exeter Flying Post newspaper reported that Rev. Ernest Courtenay's brother was Rector of St Mary Arches Church in Exeter, Devon. Rev. Wynell Henry Carter was a younger brother, born at Compton Beauchamp, Berksh...
    1881 Census - London
    At the time of the 1881 census Lilian Hughes (14) was living with her mother and father, Thomas Hughes (57) and Frances (Fanny) (50) at 80 Park Street, London.The census confirms Lilian's birthplace as within the parish of St George's Hanover S...
    1901 Census, Whitechapel, London
    At the time of the 1901 census Lilian (34) was living with her husband, the Rev. Ernest Courtenay Carter (43) in Whitechapel, London. He is described in the census as 'C of E Clergyman'....
    1881 Census - Oxford, Oxfordshire
    At the time of the census Ernest Courtenay Carter, aged 23 and unmarried, was boarding at Dudley Cottage in the parish of St. Giles, Oxford. He was described as an undergraduate scholar and born at Compton Beauchamp, Berkshire...
    Oxford Alumni, 1715-1886
    Page 223 of the Oxford Alumni has -CARTER, Ernest Courtenay, 3rd son of George of Compton, Berkshire, Clergyman. Matriculated 18 October 1880, aged 22. St. John's College. Batchelor of Arts 1884....
    1881 Census - Liverpool
    Hugh Richard Walter McElroy was born at 3 Percy Street, Liverpool on 28 October 1874. He was the son of Richard R. McElroy and Jessie (formerly Fox).At the time of the 1881 census he was living at 6 Eversley Street, Toxteth, Liverpool with his...
    The Rt. Rev. Aloysius Smith
    The Rt. Rev. Aloysius Smith was the eldest brother of Reginald George Smith, one of the saloon stewards on Titanic. This is his obituary-FIRST ABBOT OF BODMINThe Rt. Rev. Abbot Aloysius Smith, C.R.L., First Abbot of Bodmin and...
    Bodmin Priests Bereaved (1)
    At Mass at St. Piran’s Roman Catholic Church, Truro on Sunday morning, prayers were offered for those who went down in the Titanic, and special mention was made of Mr. Hugh McElroy, the chief purser, brother of the present Prior of Bodmin, and Mr. Re...
    The Fears of Relatives : Inhabitants of Bodmin
    Three inhabitants of Bodmin had relatives on board the Titanic......
    1881 Census, Weymouth, Dorset
    Reginald George Smith was born in Weymouth, Dorset in the summer of 1879. At the time of the 1881 census he was living with his mother and brothers at 5 Salisbury Terrace, Melcombe Regis, a suburb of Weymouth.His mother was M...
    1901 Census, Willersley, Leicestershire
    At the time of the 1901 census Reginald, aged 21, was living at Willersley, Leicestershire and working as a footman. ...
    Reginald George Smith & Hugh Walter McElroy
    It is quite likely that Hugh Walter McElroy (purser) and Reginald George Smith (saloon steward) were acquainted as they both had brothers who were Roman Catholic Priests. Father Richard McElroy and Father Aloysius Smith both served togeth...
    Lobb was returning home
    Mr. W. A. Lobb, a miner, and his wife of Bugle, who have no children, were returning to New York after a visit....
    Robins' planne to settle in native town
    Mr. and Mrs. Alexandra (sic) Robins, who have been staying with friends at Mount Charles, returned from America a few months ago with the intention of settling down in their native town, but subsequently decided to return to America. They have no...
    The Truro Churches
    The Rev. W. F. Fenwick (vicar) referred to the disaster at St. John’s on Sunday morning and at the evening service the Rev. G. Rhys said that from that small parish two persons (Messrs. West and Fillbrook) had gone down with the doomed vessel: he tru...
    Bodmin Priests Bereaved
    At Mass at St. Piran’s Roman Catholic Church, Truro on Sunday morning, prayers were offered for those who went down in the Titanic, and special mention was made of Mr. Hugh McElroy, the chief purser, brother of the present Prior of Bodmin (Fr. Ri...
    St. Austell
    The most impressive gathering was that at the Baptist Sunday School, with which the family of the late Mr. W. H. Nancarrow, one of the Mount Charles victims, was connected. As the children were being dismissed the members of the adult classes lined u...
    Nancarrow a passenger on Titanic
    Mr. W. H. Nancarrow, an engine driver, who had previously been abroad, was returning to some friends. His wife and nine young children reside at Mount Charles, St Austell....
    The parents of William Jeffrey Ware
    William Jeffrey Ware was the only child of Samuel Ware and Ann Louisa (formerly Witheridge). Their marriage was registered at Tavistock, Devon in the December Quarter of 1888.His father Samuel worked as a blacksmith at one of the copper mines ...
    1891 Census - Gunnislake, East Cornwall
    At the time of the census William Jeffrey Ware, aged 1, was living with his parents, Samuel and Annie Ware at 1 Bowhay Cottages, Newbridge Hill, Gunnislake, Cornwall....
    1901 Census - Gunnislake, East Cornwall
    At the time of the census William Jeffrey Ware, aged 11, was living with his parents, Samuel and Annie Ware at King Street, Gunnislake, Cornwall....
    Gravestone (9)
    In Loving Memory ofHenry W Creesewho died atFalmouth 14th Nov’r 1905Age 6 years 3 months.The Lord is my ShepherdI shall not want.In Loving Memory of Henry PhilipThe Beloved Husband ofAnnie Napton ...
    Holsworthy, Devon - 1901 Census
    John Adams, under his actual name, Richard May was at home with his family at the time of the 1901 Census.They were living at 'Burnard's House', a dwelling a few miles west of Holsworthy, Devon. The family present were -John May Hea...
    Holsworthy, Devon - 1901 Census (1)
    At the time of the 1901 census John Henry Perkin, aged 12, was living at the family butcher shop at Lower Square in the town of Holsworthy, Devon. Those present on census day were -William Perkin Head 49 Butcher/ShopkeeperElizabeth...
    Pengelly (Pengilly) Family Information
    Frederick (Fred) William Pengelly was born in the parish of Calstock, East Cornwall in early 1893 whilst his father was working in the area as a mining engineer.Fred’s father, Frederick William Cardell Pengilly (sic) was born in 1861 in t...
    1891 Census - Plymouth, Devon
    At the census date, Jane Richards, aged 12 is at home with her widowed mother, Mary Ann Richards, aged 52. They are living at 2 Wesleyan Place, East Stonehouse, Plymouth. Also with them is Jane's elder step-sister, Martha Maud Sowden (formerly Flowe...
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    Frank Hubert Maybery
    2nd Class Passenger

    Edwin Charles Wheeler
    2nd Class Passenger

    Alfred White
    Engineering Crew

    Reginald Harry Rogers
    2nd Class Passenger

    George Fox Hosking
    Engineering Crew

    Charley Hodge
    Engineering Crew

    Barbara Joyce West
    2nd Class Passenger

    Ada Mary West
    2nd Class Passenger

    William Jeffery Ware
    2nd Class Passenger

    Reginald Charles Coleridge
    2nd Class Passenger

    Arthur Ford
    3rd Class Passenger

    Thomas Henry Blake
    Engineering Crew

    Frank Richard Allsop
    Victualling Crew

    Edwina Celia Troutt
    2nd Class Passenger

    Frederick Blainey Shellard
    3rd Class Passenger

    Reginald Hale
    2nd Class Passenger

    Emily Louisa Badman
    3rd Class Passenger

    John Gill
    2nd Class Passenger

    Alice Adelaide Louch
    2nd Class Passenger

    Florence Louise Ware
    2nd Class Passenger

    Samuel Herman
    2nd Class Passenger

    Marion Wright
    2nd Class Passenger

    Eliza Hocking
    2nd Class Passenger

    Ellen Hocking
    2nd Class Passenger

    Ada Elizabeth Balls
    2nd Class Passenger

    Emily Richards
    2nd Class Passenger

    Jane Quick
    2nd Class Passenger

    James Veal
    2nd Class Passenger

    Maria Louisa Thorne Drew
    2nd Class Passenger

    Charles Louch
    2nd Class Passenger

    Owen George Allum
    3rd Class Passenger

    Hugh Walter McElroy
    Victualling Crew

    Mary Dunbar Hewlett
    2nd Class Passenger

    Annie Margaret Hold
    2nd Class Passenger

    Stephen Hold
    2nd Class Passenger

    John Poole Penrose
    Victualling Crew

    Susan Webber
    2nd Class Passenger

    Archie Jewell
    Deck Crew

    Charles Barnes
    Engineering Crew

    Robert Hichens
    Deck Crew

    Henry John Spinner
    3rd Class Passenger

    Jane Herman
    2nd Class Passenger

    Henry Forbes Julian
    1st Class Passenger

    George Green
    3rd Class Passenger

    Ralph Giles
    2nd Class Passenger

    Stephen Curnow Jenkin
    2nd Class Passenger

    William Gilbert
    2nd Class Passenger

    Henry Ryland Dyer
    Engineering Crew