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All use of Encyclopedia Titanica is subject to the Terms of Use

If you need to licence data for commercial, broadcast, or educational/adcademic purposes please contact us.

If you wish to print, save or export data or pages for personal reference please purchase an annual membership.

If you wish to download copies of the deckplans for personal reference please purchase a copy here.

If you are trying to contact a particular contributor please contact us in the first instance and we will pass on any message, or you may post your request on the message board or in the page comments section.

The numerous contributors to this site have generously allowed their research and items from their collections to be presented specifically on the Encyclopedia Titanica.

Simply because the information is displayed on this web site does not mean it is in the public domain or free to copy, publish or distribute. Much of the material on this site is subject to applicable laws of copyright. Please read the following guidance very carefully.

If you want to use items in your own website

You are more than welcome to link to any page on Encyclopedia Titanica but please do not copy pages or images.

What can I do with material on ET?

  • Material from this site may be viewed, copied or printed for personal, private and academic use only.

  • This means you can include text and pictures in your school project (excluding websites) as long as a full citation is included (see below).

  • You should use this website as you would use a book. i.e. You should use it as a reference but you should not copy text. In short, you should use a variety of sources and put things in your own words.

  • You must always acknowledge your sources and reference them appropriately. i.e. if you use ET as a resource you must say so explicitly.

  • Always ensure that copyright notices, contributor lists, details of authorship, ownership, acknowledgments and references which already appear in the text remain unchanged. It is not enought to just credit ET, you must also credit the individual contributors to the page you are using.

  • It is unethical and in some cases illegal to present someone else's work as your own, this is called plagiarism. Not only is this unfair and unethical, you will also be perpetuating any mistakes that exist in the source you are copying.

How to cite the site

Encyclopedia Titanica (www.encyclopedia-titanica.org).

How to cite pages

Each page has its own web address and title so use those to create the citation e.g.

Elizabeth Jane Anne Rothschild Encyclopedia Titanica (ref: #250, updated 24th August 2017 11:27:01 AM)
URL : https://www.encyclopedia-titanica.org/titanic-survivor/elizabeth-jane-anne-rothschild.html

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