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Cornish Lady's Experience

Mrs Ould was returning to Sacramento, after a visit to Cornwall.


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Mrs Stephen Ould (sic), of Sacamento, USA formerly of St Keverne, was in her room in the second cabin section, preparing to retire when the boat struck. "It felt as if something had tried to prevent the passage of the steam ship and not succeeding and was holding it back as much as it could." She continued, "I immediately threw some wraps around me and looked out of the door. The sight that met my eyes caused me to start for the staircase without further delay. Everywhere people were running, many of them scantily clad. Reaching the staircase I joined the mass of people that were frantically making their way to the deck. All that I can remember from the time I reached the deck is that I was suddenly grabbed and placed in a lifeboat. The next thing I remembered was finding myself in a boat a good distance from the Titanic. I could see it gradually sinking into the water. Men and women could be seen along the rails. Many were jumping overboard. Nearly all I could see wore lifebelts. It was only a short time after this that I saw the ship lurch forward a little and sink deeper.
Suddenly it disappeared. After this I forgot everything until I realised I was on board another ship, the Carpathia." Mrs Ould was returning to Sacramento, after a visit to Cornwall.

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