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Correspondence between Herbert Jupe's father and the Provincial Secretary, Nova Scotia

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July 19th 1912

74 Bullar Road
Bitterne Park

Dear Sir,
I have been informed by Mr. F. Blake, Superintendent Engineer of the White Star Lines, Trafalgar Chambers, Southampton, that the body of my beloved son Herbert Jupe which was Electrical Engineer No 3 on the ill fated Titanic has been recovered and Buried at Sea by the cable ship Mackay Bennett and that his silver watch and handkerchief marked H. J. is in your possession.
He bought him half a dozen of the same while he was at Belfast with the RMS Olympic to have new blades put to one of her propellers. We are extremely obliged for all your kindness to my precious boy. He was not married and was the love of our hearts and he loved his home.
But God gave and God has taken him Blessed be the Name of the Lord.
He has let an aching void in our home which cannot be filled.
Please send along the watch and handkerchief marked H.J.

Yours truly C. Jupe.

His mother is 72 last April 4th.
His father is 69 last February 9th.

- - -

Letter from the Provincial Secretary

Halifax 30th July 1912

Dear Sir,

I am in receipt of your letter of the 11th instant respecting the effects taken from the boy number 73, recovered after the wreck of the Titanic, and which you claim to have been that of your son H. Jupe, Electrical Engineer.
I am forwarding to the White Star Line, New York, the package containing all the effects in this case that came into the hands of the Provincial Secretary. They consist of a silver watch on leather guard, small lead pencil, and one brass screw. The handkerchief marked H.J. never came into the possession of this Department: in fact all articles of apparel found on the bodies were in such condition that it was impossible to preserve them.

Yours truly

Deputy Provincial Secretary

- - -

Letter from Mr. Jupe to the provincial Secretary

December 9th 1912
Same address

Dear Sir,
I feel that I should like to thank you for the great kindness you all have done my precious son Herbert Jupe, that went down with the Titanic. April 15 in picking him up and burying him at sea and also for his watch, lead pencil and screw, he has left an aching void which nothing can fill. He was my youngest son, brought up under my loving care, nothing spared to bring him fitting to get his livelihood in a respectable manner. He was an apprentice to Mr. Lancaster & Sons, High Street, Southampton and got on very well going up the latter of fame. He was Chief Electrician on the SS Adriatic the company sent him to Belfast when the Olympic come out. He was in her till the Titanic come out and then transferred to the SS Titanic.
The full days he was at home before the Titanic sailed he seemed to be very quiet and reserved and he spent some times upstairs in reading and we feel it very much. But the Lord gave and the Lord has taken him away. Blessed be the Name of the Lord. He was brought up to know the Lord. He was not married, he was 31 years old the following month May 6th as this terrible disaster happened its a terrible job I am very pleased with the watch. Pencil and screw.
I have got it mounted on a round black polished stand with a glass shade over it with silver plate with inscriptions as family memento on our sitting room table.
He was a dear boy to me and mother and he would never have married while we were alive. he lived at home with us and there is his bedroom the same. But he is gone to be with God which is far better. His mother is 73 years old, his father is 69 no more now

Your loving friend in Christ

C Jupe.

Herbert was an talented amateur musician and played the Ukulele, he is reputed to have played for Queen Victoria. He always took his Ukulele to sea with him and it would have been in his cabin on the Titanic.

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