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Fleet Is Taking Up Subscription for Testimonial to the Retiring Commodore
Captain Edgar T. Brltten Will Command Berengaria When She Returns In February
Officers of the Scythia said before sailing on Saturday for England that a subscription was being taken up among the personnel of the Cunard fleet to present to Captain Sir Arthur Rostron, the retiring commodore, a testimonial in appreciation of his long and meritorious sea service. It is understood that another testimonial is being prepared by his many friends in New York.

When the Berengaria returns again next February to the New York-Southampton service she will be in the command of Captain Edgar T. Britten, who has just turned over the Franconia to Captain R. B. Irving of the Scythia, who was relieved by Captain George Gibbons.

Captain E. G. Diggle of the Aquitania is now the commodore oft the Cunard fleet and will hoist his flag at the mainstruck of the Aquitania.

Captain Britten is 57 years old. When the war started, in August, 1914, the company requested the Admiralty in London to permit him to remain in its service, which he did. His first job was to take the Lycia, loaded with munitions, in November, 1914, to Archangel. The ship was caught in the ice. She had managed to get within eight miles of the Russian port, and the cargo was unloaded onto the ice and carried into Archangel. The Lycia remained icebound until June, 1915, but finally reached Liverpool safely. In February, 1914, Captain Britten relieved Captain Rostron of the command of the Campania and made the worst voyage in the ship's career. She was twelve days making the trip from Liverpool to New York in a storm. Every pipe on board was frozen, and water came through the seams as she fought her way through tremendous waves, some fifty feet high.

Captain Britten also relieved Captain Rostron on the Mauretania in July, 1926, to enable the former shipmaster to go to London to be knighted by King George. After that he commanded the Laconia and later the Franconia on the world cruises made by those ships. For his services in the war he was made a Captain in the Royal Naval Reserve.

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