English Girl, Saved From Titanic, Weds In Hospital.

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New York April 23.

Sarah Roth a survivor of the Titanic disaster, was married to Daniel M. Iles in St. Vincent's hospital and the happiness of the bride and bridegroom made many men and women who are being cared for in St. Vincent's feel cheerful for the first time since they were taken there from the Carpathia.

Miss Roth and Mr. Iles had been engaged for seven years.  When he left England two years ago to come here and save money for their future they arranged to be married this month if Mr. Iles' circumstances permitted.  Two months ago Mr. Iles, who had been working as a clerk in the Greenhut, Siegel & Cooper department store, sent word to Miss Roth to join him here as soon as it was convenient.  She replied by cable that she would sail on the Titanic.

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