Damage to the Olympic following collision with HMS Hawke

Damage to the Olympic following collision with HMS Hawke

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  1. Laura-jane-123 said:

    what happened after that ??? she was fixed and set sail again right ? i really hope so i heard she ended up bieng used for scrap :..( those 3 girls had a hard life titanic hit iceberg and sank britannic hit by bomb and sank and olympic used for scrap :..(

  2. Joe Zahirniak said:

    The Olympic was the Sister ship to Titanic. After the incident with HMS Hawk she was no longer viable as an ocean going vessel. Because the accident was determined tobe the fault of White Star lines, Insurance money was not paid out. White Star was in dire straits with the loss of their investment. She was gantried next to Titanic and adjusted to look exactly like her. Their names and registration were swapped. The Titanic became the the Olympic and vice versa. It was the plan of the White Star Lines to pass off Olympic as Titanic and cause her to have an 'accident' thereby... Read full post

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