Death of a Creswell soldier

According to an obituary in the Worksop Guardian Mr. Hardwick lived at 70 Duke Street, Creswell.  He  succumbed following an illness of two days at the Fulham Hospital, London. He had only been a soldier for  eight weeks, having been  in training at Islleworth, Middlesex.  He was the son of Mr.  and Mrs. Walter Hardwick, of Welbeck. He left a widow, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs Tyson, Dower Street, Creswell, and a little child. Formerly a Welbeck employe, he obtained work  on the surface at the  Creswlell Colliery.  The interment was fixed for March 8 1918. In defence of the wishhes of the family, there was no military honour. 

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