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Page5, column 2

Former City Assessor Rapidly Sinking After Week's Fight for Life.

Dr. Washington Dodge, banker and former Assessor of San Francisco, is dying in St. Francis Hospital, and cannot possibly live more than a few hours, his physician, Dr. John Gallwey, announced at 6 o'clock last evening.
Dr. Dodge shot himself in his apartment, 840 Powell Street, a week ago last night, and was found by his wife after he had staggered into the elevator.
The attempt to end his life followed a suit against him as director of the Poulsen Wireless Company, involving the sale of stock to L. Tognazzini and C. C. Leege.
Dr. Dodge has hovered between life and death for a week. Most of the time he has been unconscious. His wife and children have been almost constantly at his bedside.
Yesterday he regained consciousness for a short time, bade goodbye to his family and relapsed into a coma.

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