Death Notice (13)

"Umria nam je draga mama, sestra, stara mama in teta

Manca Juvan

Karunova mama iz Milj, do danes deina prezivela s Titanika

Pogreb drage pokojnice bo v nedeljo, 19. septembra, ob 15. uri izpred hise zalosti na pokopalisce v Sencur

Zalujoci: hcerki Anica in Lojzka, sin Marjan, sestri Angela in Micka, brat Franc z druzinami in drago sorodstvo

Milje, Breg, Kranj, Suha, Cleveland, Detroit"


Our dear mother, sister, grandmother and aunt

Manca Juvan

has passed away Karun's mother from Milj who has survived Titanic till this very day

The funeral of our beloved deceased will be on Sunday, 19th of September at 3 PM from the house of mourning to the graveyard in Sencur.

Bereaved: daughters Anica and Lojzka, son Marjan, sisters Angel and Micka, brother Franc with family and dear kinsmanship in

Milje, Breg, Kranj, Suha, Cleveland, Detroit.

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