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Denver Men And Women Among Titanic Passengers

Denver Times

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Hugh R. Rood's name appears among those taken from the ship and a letter received by Mrs. Crawford Hill a few days ago from Mrs. Rood indicated that she, also, would be a passenger.

Mrs. Rood was in London when she wrote Mrs. Hill. She said that she and her husband would be sailing for home soon. The letter, however, did not mention the ship on which they expected to sail or the probable date of their departure.

The Roods left Denver two months ago for Europe. Their departure followed the ending of an unusual suit filed in the district court against Mrs. Rood by Egbert W. Reed, and his wife. The Reeds live at 1040 Humboldt and the Roods at 1022 Humboldt. The Roods residence is know as "Stoiberhof" and is surrounded by a high stone wall. The Reeds charged in their suit that the Stoiberhof wall extended on their property for an inch. The court ordered the wall removed and the suit was allowed to end with the agreements being made. The Reeds removed to California and the Roods to Europe.

Mr. and Mrs. Rood spend most of their time in Denver. Mrs. Rood, who was formerly Mrs. Stoiber, is well known in Denver society. Mrs. Crawford Hill was in correspondence with her while she and her husband were traveling in Europe. They expected to be in Denver within a few weeks.

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