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DEVON LADY Tells her Story of Titanic Disaster

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Miss Susie Webber, second cabin passenger, who was rescued from the “Titanic” send us the following account of her experiences:

I started from a railway station in Devonshire to sail on the “Titanic” for Hartford, Conn., U.S.A. Everything went well up to Sunday, April 14th, at twenty minutes to twelve. I was in my bed asleep when an awful crash woke me. The engines had stopped. Miss Troutt, who shared my cabin, went up on deck, and on returning said the “Titanic” had struck an iceberg, but there was no danger. The steward also gave us a similar assurance. Then I went back to bed again, as it was bitterly cold. Some little time after, the steward came along and said, “All hands on deck; all put on your lifebelts; hurry as quickly as possible.” I partly clothed myself and rushed on deck, and saw them lowering the boats. A gentleman standing by kindly handed me into a lifeboat(No. 10), which contained women and children. After it was launched, full of women, accompanied by one sailor, a foreigner jumped from the boat deck and landed in the boat just before it struck the water. Our English people were very brave. I am sure they realised the “Titanic” was going down. We rowed away from her with only two men.

I was facing the “Titanic” and could see her going down. I saw the lights go out deck after deck. When the water got into the engine-room there was an explosion, and then I saw the leviathan part in the middle. The stern rose high in the air; the bow less high. Then she went down slowly amid heartrending cries for help of hundreds of doomed men and women.

I feel that I cannot praise too highly the bravery of the many who were left on deck. We were floating in mid-ocean among the icebergs for six hours. The night was bitterly cold, but very calm. At last we saw the lights of the “Carpathia” coming to our aid; this was a welcome sight. We were taken on her and treated with every kindness, both passengers and crew doing everything they could for the survivors.

As we came off the “Carpathia” at New York, many brave men stood with tears in their eyes, and everybody was silent. Here again, all survivors were shown great kindness, and one could see many anxious faces looking for friends, many alas, to be terribly disappointed. A committee of kind ladies awaited the arrival of the “Carpathia” to provide those who were scantily clad with necessary clothing and ambulance for the maimed. Then I was taken to the Junior LeagueHouse, at 541, East Seventy-eight-street, New York. My nephew (Mr. Charles E. Webber, of 61. Heath-street, Hartford, Conn.), arrived at New York to meet me two hours after the “Carpathia” docked, and with difficulty found me at four o’clock the next day, through the aid of the Cunard Line officials.

[This article also appeared in the Western TImes 14 and 17 May under the title "Devon Lady's Escape"]

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