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The Titanic Disaster : Dingwall Good Templars' Appeal for Help

Highland Leader and Northern Democrat

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The office-bearers and members of the "Hope of Dingwall" Lodge of I.O.G.T., considering the awful gloom cast over the world by the loss of the Titanic, and the sad circumstances attending the same, involving the lives of some 1600 brave men and women have felt it their duty to open a Relief Fund on behalf of the widows, orphans and relatives of those dependent on the heroes of this wreck. The memory of those, who, in a spirit of magnificent self-denial, stood a-side and waited calmly for death, will live forever. No amount of money, however large could ever repay their sacrifice, and gratitude would be a mockery if it allowed starvation to wait on heroism. It is now the public’s opportunity to see that no woman or child dependent upon the members of the crew who went down may ever want food, shelter or clothing.

All those who can afford it are asked to make a contribution, large or small, in honour of the illustrious dead. It is needed, no matter how small. It will be heartily welcomed. It is solicited from high and low.

A Relief Fund has accordingly been opened by the above Lodge of Good Templars, and several of its members are at present collecting for this worthy object. In the event of the collectors overlooking anyone, contributions can be handed to Mr J. T. Pope, Crawford Street, or to Mr Alex. S. Ross, Heriot Mount, Greenhill, who are acting as joint secretaries, and any sums forwarded to them direct will be acknowledged in the Press. The money collected will be forwarded to the Lord Mayor of London’s Fund.

It is hoped that a large sum will be forthcoming from Dingwall.


Gordon Steadwood


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