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Historical Disclaimer

The information on Encyclopedia Titanica is not perfect... here is our excuse!

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Historical Disclaimer

The information contained on this website has been drawn together from a large number of sources with the help of a great many people. Sources have included: newspaper articles, books, broadcasts, and perhaps most importantly of all, the recollections of survivors and the families of victims.

Between the time that the Titanic left Queenstown on 11 April 1912 until her discovery on 1 September 1985 all that we know about her has to be drawn from the memories of her surviving passengers and crew. Any source, even memories of those that experienced the event, is fallible. In many cases, several witnesses have given different accounts of the same incident. In a story where we are forced to rely on human memories of a terrible ordeal, beware of any view propounded as fact.

It is not suggested that the Encyclopedia Titanica is definitive, comprehensive, or without fault. Incidents will be found that can be disputed, argued over and where appropriate, corrected. Alternative views and corrections are always welcome, particularly where they can be supported by some form of documentary evidence.


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