Dorothy Gibson

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It was the pleasure of one of our staff recently to meet and converse with Miss Dorothy Gibson of the Éclair Company of America. The accompanying reproduction of a photograph of Miss Gibson, and which is true to life, speaks for itself of the almost faultless beauty of the original. However, beauty of feature, coloring and form, is not Miss Gibson’s only charm. By conversing with her it is found that she is a most unassuming young woman, who uses that beauty not merely as a medium to arouse envy in others of her sex, but as a gift from her Creator, by the grace of which, accompanied by remarkable talent as an actress, she earns an honest living.

Miss Gibson was for some time the model of Harrison Fisher and belonged to the stock company of Lubin and others before becoming a member of the stock company of the American Éclair. Said Miss Gibson of her employers, "They are the most charming people to work for. I think the reason why I like my work so much now is because I have such nice people to work for."

Miss Gibson played the part of Mollie Pitcher in "Hands Across the Sea in ’76," and her work will be seen to advantage in many Éclair releases to come.

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