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Page 11, column 7

Operation at St. Francis Hospital Shows Recovery to Be Doubtful

Dr. Washington Dodge, who attempted suicide on Saturday night, was in a critical condition at the St. Francis Hospital yesterday.
In the afternoon it was determined by the attending surgeons that an operation to determine the exact extent of the injury wrought by the bullet and his consequent fall to the pavement was imperative.
Dr. John Gallwey performed the operation, which revealed the fact that the bullet wound was comparatively insignificant and certainly in no way fatal; but that the basal fracture of the skull and hemorrhage had left the patient in a condition where his recovery was a matter of grave doubt.
Mrs. Dodge was prostrated yesterday by the shock that came to her with the news of her husband's desperate act, and was unable to see her many friends or those of the former Assessor, who came to express their sorrow and concern and to offer condolence.
Gavin McNab, who had been closely associated with Dodge both in his financial and political life, said he could imagine no possible cause that could have prompted Dr. Dodge to attempt suicide. Regarding the troubles that came to him in connection with the Poulsen Wireless Company and the suit that had been filed by Tilden Tognazzini and Charles F. Leege. McNab said that Dr. Dodge considered this suit a reflection upon his honor, and that while he had no serious worry over the financial side of the contest, he had been much disturbed by what he considered an attack upon his integrity.
Both Dr. Dodge and Mrs. Dodge have been prominent in social circles.

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