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Former Banker, Assessor and Supervisor Succumbs Nine Days After Attempt at Suicide

Funeral Service Will Be Held on Thursday Morning: Bishop Nichols Will Be in Charge

Dr. Washington Dodge died yesterday morning at the St. Francis Hospital following an attempt at suicide made nine days ago when the former assessor, banker and supervisor shot himself through the head in the garage in the rear of his home at 840 Powell Street.
A few hours before Dr. Dodge died the Right Rev. William Ford Nichols, Bishop of the Episcopal Church, attended him. Members of Dr. Dodge's family were with him when the end came.


Funeral services will be held Thursday morning at 10 o'clock, in the parlors of N. Gray & Co. at Geary and Divisadero Streets. Bishop Nichols will officiate. Cremation will be held in Cypress Lawn Cemetery.
Dr. Dodge lapsed into unconsciousness three days ago. His physician, Dr. John Gallwey, notified members of the family that Dr. Dodge was failing rapidly and that he could not possibly recover. Since then the family has been in constant attendance at his bedside.
Dr. Dodge, a prominent physician of San Francisco, entered politics in 1896 and was elected supervisor. At the expiration of his term, he was elected assessor, a position that he held for fourteen years, retiring to accept the position of vice-president of the Anglo and London Paris National Bank.


In 1917 Dr. Dodge associated himself with the Poulsen Wireless Corporation, and was fairly successful in straightening out the tangled affairs of the company. He retired from the bank to do so. According to his attorney, Gavin McNab, a suit filed in the courts in connection with the affairs of the corporation was responsible for Dr. Dodge's attempt on his life. According to McNab, Dr. Dodge brooded over the lawsuit as a reflection on his honor.
An operation was performed at St. Francis Hospital in an attempt to save Dr. Dodge's life and for a time he had a "fighting chance." In addition to the bullet wound, his skull was fractured a second time by the fall incidental to the shooting.

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