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Page 3, column 4

Attending Physician Says Financier Who Shot Self Might Live

Dr. Washington Dodge, who shot himself Saturday afternoon, is still in a critical condition at St. Francis Hospital, but now has a small chance for recovery, in the opinion of Dr. John Gallwey, who is attending him.
Although he has been conscious part of the time, Dr. Dodge has not referred to his attempt upon his life.
Friends of Dr. Dodge had feared for some time that he might attempt suicide, it became known last night and he had been cared for in a hospital until last Saturday morning.
"I have known Dr. Dodge for forty years," Dr. Gallwey said, "and in all that time his integrity has never been doubted. A recent lawsuit in connection with the affairs of the Poulsen Company preyed upon his mind, however, and despite the assurance of Gavin McNab, his attorney, that the case would be dismissed without injury to his reputation, Dr. Dodge became obsessed with the idea that he could not live in the face of the charge made against him.
"So greatly did I fear that my friend would make some attempt upon his life that I arranged to have him watched constantly. I even prevailed on him to stay in a hospital. He did stay at the St. Francis Hospital for some time, until Saturday morning, when he adopted my suggestion that he go to Santa Barbara. He went home to make arrangements for the trip. He had been left alone for the first time in weeks when he shot himself.

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