Dr Moraweck inherited Freiburg estate

In Europe to manage $40,000 villa left in contested will

Courier-Journal (Louisville, Kentucky)

Dr. Moraweck was supposed to have taken his European trip to look after an estate left him by Frau Magdalena Hasse of Freiburg. Quite a romance was connected with the affairs of the couple who became acquainted aboard a steamer bound from Hamburg to New York. Frau Hasse, the widow of a wealthy German manufacturer, later visited Dr. Moraweck at the latter's farm near Brandenburg and while there she was suddenly taken ill and died during the month of April, 1910. She left a will by which she devised to Dr. Moraweck her villa at Freiburg, valued at $40,000. At the time of her death she was 60 years of age, and Dr. Moraweck was about 42. Her relatives contested the will on the ground that she had been unduly influenced, but the American and the German courts upheld the validity of the bequest.

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