Dr. Rice, in Wilds of Brazil, in Touch by Radio With His Friends in New York Every Night

New York Times

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Deep in the wilds of Brazil, Dr. Alexander Hamilton Rice, surgeon and explorer, is encamped on the Rio Brancho in Manaos, studying tropical diseases. New York, although long ago over its uneasiness for the safety of the Rice party which arose late last Summer when there were revolutionary disturbances in the Manaos country, has thought of the explorer and his associates as "lost" in a wilderness.

Up in the Bronx there is a youth who sits every night at a short wave wireless receiver of home workmanship, or presses the key of a 50-watt short wave transmitter to whom Dr. Rice is no more lost than if he were over in Brooklyn, instead of 1,200 miles up the Amazon. Ellison Thompson of 1,301 Findlay Avenue has been in touch with Dr. Rice about 11 o'clock every night for the past five nights, receiving messages for Mrs. Rice, the former Mrs. George E. [sic] Widener, who left the expedition in September and returned to New York, and for others. Thompson was very matter of fact when he was asked about it last night, remarking that any short wave operator ought to be able to communicate with the expedition, since the party was no record distance from New York.

Among the messages Thompson has received was one which said: "Greetings from Amazon by McCaleb's 100-wat short wave set. Dr. Rice's station Rio Brancho direct to New York." Another message, addressed to the Fairchild Aerial Camera Company of 136 West Fifty-second Street told of successful use of the aerial camera which was taken along to aid in charting unmapped regions by airplane. Still another told of warm weather in Brazil. The youth also has sent messages to Dr. Rice from Mrs. Rice and others and has received acknowledgment of their reception.

Dr. Rice set out with an elaborately equipped expedition, including both aeronautical and wireless equipment to study diseases, to chart some of the country and to try to reach the headwaters of the Orinoco. He is expected to start back next month.

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