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Section 2, page 13, columns 7-8


Gunshot Wound, Inflicted in Attempt to Kill Himself June 21, Causes Death


Financier and Ex-Assessor Unconscious for 3 Days Before End Came

Dr. Washington Dodge, financier and former Assessor, died at the St. Francis Hospital at 9:35 o'clock yesterday morning as a result of a gunshot wound inflicted in an attempt to kill himself June 21.
At Dr. Dodge's side when he died were his wife, his aged mother, Mrs. Eliza L. Dodge; his son, Henry Dodge; two nieces, Mrs. Robert A. Smith and Mrs. Joseph Nielson, and Bishop William Ford Nichols.
Dr. Dodge had been unconscious for three days before his death, except during a brief period Saturday morning. At that time he sent for his relatives and bade them farewell.
Dr. Dodge had been attended by Dr. John Gallwey, Dr. Theo Rether and Dr. Walter Schaller. He was sixty years old.


The funeral will take place in this city next Thursday. Bishop Nichols will conduct the services.
Dr. Dodge was born in Calaveras county. He was graduated from the medical college of the University of California and practiced his profession until 1896, when he gave it up to enter politics and was elected to the Board of Supervisors.
At the end of his term as Supervisor Dr. Dodge was elected Assessor. He served fourteen years and resigned in 1912 to accept the vice-presidency of the Anglo and London Paris National Bank. In the spring of 1912 he was aboard the Titanic, which struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic and went down.


In December, 1917, Dr. Dodge undertook to straighten the affairs of the Poulsen Wireless Corporation, which was operated by the Federal Telegraph Company. Lawsuits arising out of the affairs of the Poulsen Company were thought by Dr. Dodge to cast reflections on his integrity and in the opinion of his friends, led to his attempt to kill himself.
Dr. Dodge is survived by his widow, two sons and a stepdaughter.

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