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Memorial unveiled on Dock Park.

A very impressive ceremony, and one which attracted much public attention, took place on Saturday afternoon when the handsome memorial which has been erected on the Dock Park in honour of John Law Hume, a bandsman, and Thomas Mullin, a steward, natives respectively of Dumfries and Maxwelltown, who perished in the Titanic disaster in April of last year, and who were buried in Halifax, Canada, was unveiled by Provost Thomson in presence of a very large crowd of spectators. The memorial, which has been erected in the centre of the park a little to the north of the bandstand, commands the attention of all passers-by. It was supplied by Messrs Kirkpatrick, Brothers, of Trafford Park, Manchester, and is of the very best quality of Aberdeen granite, and takes the form of an obelisk surrounded by curbing and railings. It is 16½ feet in height and covers a space of 9½ square feet. On the front is fixed a bronze panel with the engraving of the Titanic in relief, and a scroll of music ''Nearer My God to Thee'' in bronze, is placed on the moulded base. The inscription on the front of the memorial is as follows:

In memory of John Law Hume, a member of the band, and Thomas Mullin, steward, natives of these towns, who lost their lives in the wreck of the White Star liner, Titanic which sank in mid Atlantic on the 14th day of April 1912. They died at the post of duty. The back of the memorial bears the following inscription:
Erected by the people of Dumfries and Maxwelltown at home and abroad.

Beautiful summer weather favoured the unveiling ceremony, and a great crowd of townspeople assembled on the Dock Park. A large number of excursionists from Coatbridge, who were spending the day in the town, also witnessed the ceremony. During the forenoon the flags at the Midsteeple and the Town Hall hung at half-mast, and before the hour of the ceremony the town bells were tolled.

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  1. John Fraser said:

    I have been meaning to contact Dumfries Council for some time regarding the memorial for John Law Hume and Thomas Mullin, victims of the Titanic disaster. I saw a documentary about this about a year or so ago. The presenter was standing in front of the memorial, and I noticed immediately that the wording on the memorial was incorrect. Part of the inscription mentions the 'Titanic which sank in mid Atlantic on the 14th day of April 1912.' The Titanic actually sunk on the 15th of April.

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