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Bottomley, "Stormy Petrel of English Politics," Quits Because of Business
LONDON, May 17---Horatio W. Bottomley, M. P., financier, company promoter,
magazine publisher and politician, resigned yesterday his seat in the House
of Commons as an Independent Liberal. His action is the result of a
receiving order for which he applied in order to protect his estate.

The stormy petrel of English politics and journalism, Horatio Bottomley has
been always a militant figure. Recently in his weekly magazine John Bull he
published an open letter addressed to J. Bruce Ismay. In that letter the
writer bitterly calls upon the White Star director to remember how
frequently, previous to the Titanic disaster, he (Bottomley) both in
Parliament and in his magazine had begged that the Olympic and other Engllsh
boats be provided with proper lifeboat equipment.

"I took special trouble to call your personal attention to the matter,"
wrote Bottomley to Ismay. "Even the humblest emigrant in the steerage had
more moral right to a seat in a lifeboat than had you."

Mr. Bottomley has often been defendant in lawsuits arising from financial
operations. Last June he was ordered to pay $250,000 damages to the estate
of R. E. Master, a retired Madras civil servant. It was alleged that he had
obtained $285,000 by selling worthless shares to Mr. Master.

On another occasion Bottomley had to pay $2,500 damages to Miss Louvima
Knollys, daughter of Lord Knollys, private secretary to the King, because
the magazine John Bull reported that Miss Knollys had eloped with a cavalry

All through his various trouble in and out of court Bottomley retained the
confidence of the people. Frequently when he was on trial the court house
would be surrounded by cheering thousands who had the utmost faith in him.
Almost always Bottomley defended himself and frequently got the better of
the best legal minds in Great Britain.

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