Edward James William Rogers (family research)

Edward James William Rogers was born on 9th September 1880, to Robert James Rogers and his wife Priscilla Susan (nee Bagley). His father was a bricklayer and the family lived at 3 Robert Street, North Woolwich. Edward JW was baptized on 3rd November at St John the Evangelist, North Woolwich. He was one of at least 8 children born to the couple over the years, the others being Alice, Harriet, Nellie, Robert, Lily, Arthur, and Walter.
By the 1881 census, the family lived at 3 Elizabeth Terrace. In 1891, they lived at 18 Robert Street, North Woolwich. Edward JW went to school in the area.
By the 1901 census, Edward JW had left the area and was living in Bootle, Lancashire. He worked as a ship's storekeeper, and married on the 30th June 1901 to Elizabeth Matthews while living at 22 Kenilworth Street, Bootle. They had three children together.
The family moved to Southampton.

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