Newark Evening News

(Newark Evening News, 17 April 1912)

ELIZABETH, April 17---Two residents of this city and several former residents 
are known to have been on the Titanic when she sailed for this country.  Mr. 
and Mrs. Peter E. Renouf, of 20B Erie street, were second cabin passengers, and 
were accompanied by Mrs. Renouf’s brothers, Clifford and Ernest Jeffries, of 
Elizabeth.  The name of Mrs. Renouf appears on the list of survivors.  The 
Renoufs went to England last December, where they visited their native heath.

Former Elizabeth residents on the boat were Mr. and Mrs. William E. Carter and 
their children, Lucille, aged thirteen, and William, aged ten, of 
Philadelphia.  They were accompanied by a maid.  Mr. Carter, who is thirty-
seven years old, is a nephew of Joseph Carter, of 43 South Broad street, this 
city.  Mrs. Carter’s maiden name is Polk, and she is said to be a descendent of 
President James K. Polk.  Press dispatches show that the Carters were saved.

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