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Among those who visited the White Star steamship offices in New York to-day in an endeavor to lern [sic] whether or not the members of his family were on board the Titanic, was Benjamin Peacock, of 609 South Broad street. Efforts to reach Mr. Peacock to-day were unavailing, as with the first news of the loss of the steamship he went to New York. Supposed to be on board were his wife and two children, a daughter, Terrestrial [sic], 3 years old, and a son, Albert Edward, 6 months old, and his two brothers, both former seamen in the Royal Navy.

Mr. Peacock came to America a year ago, and the first anniversary of his coming was to-day. His son he has never seen. Mr. Peacock is a machinist in the employ of the Public Service Corporation and has been working at the local power house.

The last letter received from his wife was mailed from Southampton, where she lived, under date of April 3, and in this she stated her intention of sailing at the earliest opportunity. Mr. Peacock told Mrs. Town, with whom he lives, that his wife was to sail in the second cabin, but her name is no [sic] among the list of passengers. On this account it is hoped that she missed the steamer and is sailing by another line. Her [sic] two brothers had booked passage on the Titanic and for this reason she was making especial efforts to make the trans- Atlantic trip with them. Mr. Peacock sent her passage money a little more than a week ago and is in hopes that she did not receive it in time to embark, but he is secure in his knowledge that his brothers sailed on the lost steamship.

[The next part of this article speaks of Col. Gracie, and can be found through his summary page.]


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