Eloise H. Smith Dies in Cincinnati

Charleston Gazette

Was Daughter of Late Rep. James A. Hughes of Huntington

HUNTINGTON, May 3 (AP) – Mrs. Eloise Hughes Smith, pre-war Washington debutante who as a bride bid farewell to her husband from a lifeboat near the Titanic, died today in a Cincinnati hospital.

The daughter of the late Representative and Mrs. James A. Hughes entered the institution yesterday for treatment of a heart ailment. 

Mrs. Smith made her bow in capital society in a brilliant debut in 1910.  Two years later she and her husband, Lucian P. Smith of Uniontown, Pa., embarked on the Titanic after a year’s honeymoon abroad.

When the ship struck an iceberg on April 15, 1912, Smith assisted his wife into a lifeboat and remained on the sinking vessel.  He was listed among the 1,513 victims.

Mrs. Smith returned to Huntington and stayed at the home of her parents until after the birth of her son, Lucian P. Smith, II, who survives. 

For many years she had been an active figure in Washington and West Virginia society, as well as politics, while her father represented the congressional district.

At one time, she headed the war veteran’s pension bureau in Washington.

Besides her son, Mrs. Smith is survived by her mother, Mrs. Belle Vinson Hughes.

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