[Evelyn Marsden and Joseph Boxhall Arrive at Sydney]

Evening News (Sydney)

The Flowing Tide
The population of New South Wales was to-day increased by the arrival of the
steamer Irishman, from London, via Port Adelaide, with 639 new-chums on
board. But they will not be allowed to land until to-morrow, owing to
certain quarantine regulations.
There were some cases of sickness on board during the trip, and there are
remaining eight cases of measles— all children, who are in the ship's
hospital. A wireless message from the vessel states that the patients are
all doing well, and that the health of the remainder is good. However,
arrangements have been made with the Quarantine Department for the Irishman
to anchor off the station at North Head. The passengers will probably be
allowed ashore, and if the general health continues good, most likely the
new arrivals will come up to Sydney on Friday afternoon.
The Irishman's complement includes four domestics, the remainder being
nominated passengers and children.
The ship's surgeon is Dr. James, who is not a stranger to Sydney, having
acted in a similar capacity on the P. and O. R.M.S. Macedonia. Mrs. James,
however, is making her first visit. This lady has had an interesting career.
She is a trained nurse, and signed on the ill-fated White Star liner Titanic
as qualified nurse. She was then Miss Marsden, and by reason of her hard
work on board the Titanic and subsequent efforts among the rescued
passengers, was heralded as a heroine. Nurse Marsden was among the last to
leave the sinking ship, in fact she had to be forced into a boat. Having
taken a seat. she also took an oar, and performed her share of the rowing
until rescued by the Carpathia. Her work on board the rescue ship has been
referred to in the highest terms. Nurse Marsden, some time after returning
to London, married Dr. James, and she accompanies her husband. It Is
understood that Dr. James will settle in this State.
There is another member of the Titanic crew on board the Irishman, in the
person of Mr. Boxall [sic]. He was fourth officer of the big liner, and burned the
blue lights, which the Californian saw, but did not acknowledge.
[The balance of this article, irrelevant for present purposes, has not been

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