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How to use the Titanic People Explorer

Welcome to the new Titanic People Explorer.

The explorer allows you to browse our database in all kinds of ways depending on your interest. You can also print or save the information whenever you like.

Choose a general list from the drop down menu. e.g. "First Class Passengers".


Show more or fewer rows you can choose 1, 25, 50 or All.

Select this button to choose the Columns you want to include, you'll see them appear as you choose them, or disappear as you unselect them.

The table remembers your preference for the next time you visit.

Do you need more fields? Contact us and let us know.


Use the global search box to filter the list

You can also filter using individual columns, using the search boxes at the foot of the table.

If you want to visit a particular biography just click on the name.


When a row is visible you can select it.

The rows you select will be the rows that are copied/exported... but only do this is you only need a few. If you don't highlight then all the rows in the visible table will be exported.


You can export the infomation in a number of different ways (photos are not exported).

If you have comments or suggestions about the explorer please let us know.