Camden Daily Courier

Titanic's Barber Passes Through Camden on Way to Palmyra Home
The 5.28 train to Palmyra from this city last night carried the only survivor of the Titanic wreck from this part of the State. The passenger was Augustus H. Welkman [sic] the Titanic's barber, who attracted considerable attention when brought on the boat in a wheeling chair. Crowds immediately surrounded the man and freely he talked of his remarkable experience.

In the crowd was a Courier reporter and it was thrilling to hear his tale of rescue. The barber had stood with the rest of the brave men on the ship and expected to go down with the rest of them, when the explosion threw him into the sea with scores of other men.

Fortunately he was able to grasp one of the few pieces of anything like substantial wreckage and to it he clung and by remarkable coincidence drifted close to a boat in which was a sailor who mhe [sic] had himself saved from drowning at sea two years ago. Welkman worked heroically in assisting to ge [sic] the lifeboats lowered and it is throught [sic] sprained his back which coupled with exposure in the water and being buffeted about the wreckage, made it necessary for him to resort to an invalid's chair.

Arriving at the station in Palmyra, he was tenderly conveyed to his home, a pushcart being the only thing available in the shape of a conveyance at the time.

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