Extract from letter from George Behe

''A few years ago I found an interesting titbit which, I believe, clears up any mystery surrounding how he was saved. His photograph appears in the May 4, 1912 issue of the Illustrated London News along with other crewmen who had returned to England. The caption of the photo says that he was in the water for his hand and feet were frost-bitten. It seems clear that Prangnell was picked up by the Carpathia along with all the other survivors, and that he returned to England along with the majority of the crew. The only mystery appears to be, ''Why did he invent the story of being picked up by another ship?''. The photo makes it clear that he didn't remain in hospital in America for a long time after the disaster as he later claimed. We'll probably never know the whole story behind Prangnell's account, unfortunately, but I feel reasonably confident in saying that he was rescued by the Carpathia.

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