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Arthur Larned Ryerson : Family Information

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Arthur Larned Ryerson was born on 12th January 1851 in Chicago, the son of Joseph Turner Ryerson (1813-1883) and Ellen Griffin Larned (1827-1881). He had three younger siblings: Edward Larned (b. 1855), Eleanor (b. 1858) and Josephine (b. 1865).

Emily Maria Borie was born on 10th August 1863 in Philadelphia. She was the third child of John Joseph Borie (1830-1882) and Susan Parker Halsey (1835-1913). Her siblings were Elizabeth, Sophie Beauveau, Adolph Edward, John Joseph jr., Ayleffe and Henry Peter (1873-1897). John Joseph Borie's parents were originally from France.

Arthur married Emily on 31st January 1889 in Philadelphia. The couple had five children: Susan Parker "Suzette" (1890-1921), Arthur Larned jr. (1891-1912), Emily Borie (1893-1960), Ellen Ashfordbye (1895-1973) and John Borie (1898-1986).

Arthur Ryerson jr. died in car accident in 1912, his father lost in Titanic disaster in the same year.

Mrs. Emily Ryerson remarried in 1927 to William Forsythe Sherfesee (b. 1882). She died in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Her eldest daughter Suzette married to George W. Patterson IV (d. 1925) in 1918. They had no children.

Miss Emily Ryerson married to George Hyde Clarke in 1915. They were the parents of seven children: Mary Hyde (1916-1981), Emily Ryerson (b. 1917), Susan Parker (1918-1944), Jane Averell Hyde, George Hyde jr. (1921-1943), Anne Hyde and Arthur Ryerson. The couple divorced in 1932 and Emily remarried to Stephen Beach Cooke. They had one daughter, Catherine (b. 1933).

Ellen Ryerson married to Victor Salvatore (b. 1884) and had three children: Vittoria, Ellen Theresa and Victor jr.

Jack Ryerson married to Jane Morris (1909-1990) in 1953. They had no children.


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