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Mr. H. K. Pope held an inquest on Tuesday concerning the death of William Henry Taylor, aged 29, a labourer, who was fatally injured by an accident in the Docks. - Mr. Arthur Emanuel, who represented the L. and S.W.R.1, expressed the Company's sympathy with the relatives - Mr. G. A. Waller watched the proceedings on behalf of the widow. - Dr. Braham, house surgeon at the Royal South Hants and Southampton Hospital, said that Taylor was admitted suffering from a fractured leg and spine.  The injuries were such as would be caused by a heavy weight falling on him.  He died on Sunday evening as a result of the injuries.  Dr. Braham stated that deceased said that a "principal," weighing about a ton had fallen on him at the Docks, and it took about twenty men to lift it off. - Henry Marsh, of 5, Wimpson, Millbrook, said on the 12th inst. he was charge hand employed in carrying out the work of pulling down a lairage 2 in the Docks.  About 9.40a.am. they were just preparing to put the slugs on the "principals" to lift them, when the corner post or support, fell out and the "principal" it supported fell on deceased.  The other "principals" were supported by "L" irons, but this one was not.  Even if this had been supported by an "L" iron the support might have fallen out.  Witness said he had been at this kind of work for some years, and had done work of a similar kind before.  This particular job was carried out in the usual way and the usual precautions taken.   As far as they were concerned it was quite an accident, and he blamed no one.- The jury returned a verdict of "Accidental death."


  1. London and South Western Railway
  2. A dockside holding pen for farm animals

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