Fate Deals a Hand [excerpt]

Titanic Commutator

Volume 6, Number 4, Winter 1982

Deeply engrossed in their own conversation, three men sat in nearby easy- chairs. One was Charles C. Jones, the superintendent of an estate in Vermont, while A. H. Barkworth was an English Justice of the Peace. Arthur H. Gee was on his way to Mexico City to take a job as manager of a linen mill there. The three men had only met a few days before, but had stuck up quite a friendship in that brief time. Tonight they were discussing the science of good roadbuilding, a subject in which Barkworth was keenly interested. It was growing late, however, and he began to think about retiring. Someone said that the ship's clock would be set back at midnight, so Barkworth decided to stay up until then in order to set his watch.

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