Parents and Nine Children in Titanic

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On board the Titanic were eleven residents of Peterborough, Mr. and Mrs. John Sage, of Gladstone-street, and their nine children, whose ages range from twenty-two to five years.
Mr. Sage, who is a Londoner, went to Peterborough from Lynn about two years ago, and for a time had a shop at the corner of Gladstone-street and Hankey-street. He, however, disposed of the business; and with his eldest son, George, went to Canada and spent some time on a farm in Saskatchewan. He returned to England about three months ago, and, intending to go in for fruit farming, purchased a farm at Jacksonville, Florida. He was proceeding to his new home with his family in the Titanic. On Saturday a post-card was received in Peterborough with the Queenstown postmark from Mr. Sage, who stated that they were getting on well.
Mr. Sage is about fifty years of age, and his relatives are practically all in London. Three of his sons were at work. His eldest daughter, Stella, was at home and the other two sons and three daughters were still at school.

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