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Father of Mrs. Smith's Boy Went Down with Ship.

New York Tribune

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Father of Mrs. Smith’s Boy Went Down with Ship.

Cincinnati, Nov. 30. – A son was born here last night to Mrs. Eloise Smith, of Huntington, W. Va., a survivor of the Titanic disaster.  The father of the boy, Lucien P. Smith, went down with the Titanic.  Mrs. Smith is the daughter of Representative James H. Hughes, of Huntington, W. Va.

Mrs. John Jacob Astor, who became a widow through the Titanic disaster and whose baby was born only a short time after her rescue at sea, sent her congratulations to Mrs. Eloise Smith to-day.

Mrs. Smith is only eighteen years old, and her husband was twenty-four.  She and Mrs. Edgar J. Meyer escaped from the Titanic in a boat containing only one man.  She declared that the boat pushed off with room for twenty more passengers, yet neither Mr. Smith nor Mr. Meyer were allowed aboard.  Mr. and Mrs. Smith were awakened by the crash.  To calm her fears he ate an apple while she dressed.  Then, assuring her that he would follow by another boat after the women were all safely off, he induced her to leave him.

On the Monday following the accident Representative Hughes received a message asserting that the Titanic’s passengers were all safe and were on their way to Halifax.  This message was signed “White Star Line.”  The line officials disavowed the message and its origin was never learned.


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