Father Wants To Trace His Lost Family

The Dayton Daily News

Philip Zenni, 216 S. Main st., offered $25 reward Friday for information regarding the whereabouts of his wife, Elsie, and their four children, Mathilde, 13; Joeffrey (sic), 11; Frances, 9, and Nazzare, 7. 

Zenni was released from the Dayton workhouse Nov. 2 after serving a sentence for assault and battery. Returning to his place of business, a confectionary store at 608 E. First st., he found that it had been sold by his wife, who had left with the children. It had been transferred to her ownership by Zenni. 

The husband and father now is looking forward to a cheerless Christmas. It will be the first in 14 years that he has not spent with his family. Expressing regret over sorrow caused his family, Zenni said Friday that he is not pleading for his wife to return to him against her wish. He merely wants to know if she and the children are safe and well. Those knowing of their whereabouts can call Zenni at Main 6030-W or inquire at his place of business at 216 S. Main st.

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