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Augustus Smith, Passenger on Titanic, Whose Name Is Not Among Saved.

The name of Augustus Smith, twenty-two years old, of 59 Halsey street, was added to the list of New Jersey passengers aboard the Titanic of whom no word has been received. The young man’s name does not appear in the list of survivors, and it is feared that he is among the lost.

The other Newarker who is though to be lost is John S. March, of 59 Emmett street, who was in charge of the mail.

Revised reports also disclose that Charles M. Hays, the Canadian railroad man, and nephew of former Postmaster James L. Hays, of this city, is not now listed among the survivors. His wife and daughter are on the list of rescued. Yesterday it was believed that Mr. Hays had been saved.

Miss Mary Hays, sister of Mr. Hays, who was visiting at the home of Cyrus Walser, Lorraine avenue, Upper Montclair, returned last night to Montreal. She had received no word as to her brother’s fate.

Jerseymen not heard from who were passengers on the Titanic are:

Blackwell, Stephen W., of Trenton.
Keefe, Arthur, of East Rahway.
Botsford, W. Hull, of Orange.
March, John S., of this city.
Roebling, Washington A., 2d, of Trenton.
Renouf, Mr. and Mrs. Peter, of Elizabeth. Dispatches this afternoon state that “Mrs. Lillie Renouf” is saved. This is thought to be the wife of Mr. Renouf.
Smith, Augustus, of this city.
Stanley, Frank, chauffeur, of Trenton.
Walker, W. A., of East Orange.

The hope that has been held out for those not heard from was dimmed this afternoon by the announcement that all of the names [several illegible words] survivors had been sent.

All of the Jersey folk listed as missing were cabin passengers, and the sifting of names has got to the point where there is not much encouragement for those seeking tidings of unreported passengers.

Smith Away for Year

Mr. Smith lived with Dr. W. H. De Vere at the Halsey street address. He had been in Europe for nearly a year, visiting his sister in Paris. A month ago he intended to return home, but wrote that he would postpone sailing, as he wanted to come back with the Titanic in her maiden voyage.

Oscar Smith, a brother, arrived in this city Monday from the South, where he is engaged in the lumber business. He had planned to go to New York today to meet Augustus when the Titanic docked. Only a few days ago he received a letter from his brother, mailed in London.

“Have you any late news from the wreck?” asked the grief-stricken brother of a caller. “I am afraid Gus has made his last trip across, poor fellow.”

The Mr. Smith went on to tell of his brother’s having crossed the Atlantic three times. Both he and Augustus were born in England, he said, and his parents were now in Austria. A cablegram was received from them last night begging for definite news of their son.

The home-coming of the younger Mr. Smith was to have been an occasion of a birthday party for Dr De Vere, who had made preparations for the event.

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