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READING, Pa., April 21---Mr. and Mrs. James B. Funk, parents of Miss Annie C. Funk, a missionary to Janjgir, Central Province, India, have given up hope of seeing their daughter alive. The mother is seriously ill and the entire family is grief-stricken. They live at Boyertown, and as yet no official news has been received from the White Star Line. The parents have not seen their daughter for five years. Miss Funk, who was 38 years old, is a graduate of the West Chester Normal School. She was assistant secretary of the Y. W. C. A. at Paterson, N. J., and was the first missionary sent to India by the Mennonite Church, of Bally. Miss Funk had originally intended to take the steamer Haverford for home, but later decided to return on the Titanic to make better time.

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