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PROVO, April 1900 Up to 4 o'clock this afternoon no word had been received in this city of the fate of Mrs. Irene C. Corbett who is supposed to have been a passenger on the Titanic when it went to its watery grave. Bishop Levi A. Colvin, Mrs. Corbett's father, telegraphed to new York this monring for news of his daughter and received an answer at 4 o'clock this afternoon that she was among the ship's passengers, but was not among the rescued on the Carpathia.
Mrs. Corbett's name was given in the list of second-class passengers on the Titanic, which was published in the Salt Lake Tribune Tuesday morning; but has not been given among the rescued. It is the general belief here that Mrs. Corbett was a passenger on the ill-fated steamer, and small hopes are entertained by relatives and friends for her rescue.
In a letter written from London to her mother, and received here Monday afternoon, Mrs. Corbett stated she would take passage on the Titanic, which would leave the Southampton wharf April 10. In the letter, Mrs. Corbett spoke of some Mormon elders returning on the same ship, but did not say who they were. In the list of passengers as published it has not been stated that there were any such passengers aboard, and for this reason the family has hopes that the elders, after the letter was written, concluded to come on some other vessel and that Mrs. Corbett is with them.
Following is a copy of the telegrams received by Mr. Colvin this afternoon. One telegram followed the other five minutes:

"New York, April 19 Levi Colvin, Provo, Utah. Neither the name of Mrs. Irene Corbett not anything like it appears on the Titanic's second cabin list of passengers as having sailed from Southampton. WHITE STAR LINE"

"New York, April 19 Levi Colvin, Provo, Utah. Now find name of Mrs. Irene C. Corbett on list of passengers having sailed from Southampton, but r...

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