Pugilist Was Linked in Nevada Reports With Mrs. Dick
RENO, Nev., Sept 4 (AP)---A divorce has been awarded to Enzo Fiermonte, Italian pugilist, linked in some reports in a romance with the former Mrs. John Jacob Astor.

The hearing was held Friday during the noon hourt and was attended only by court officials, attorneys and Fiermonte. Judge Clark J. Guild granted the decree.

Settlement of property differences with his wife, Signora Tosaca Manetti Fiermonte of Rome, was believed to have made filing of the divorce suit possible Friday. Negotiations for a settlement had been under way since Fiermonte established residence in Nevada last June 5.

Both he and Mrs. William K. Dick, who is the former Mrs. Astor, arrived here about the same time and were seen together frequently prior to her divorce July 21 at Minden. Both denied, however, that they had matrimonial intentions.

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