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Says Relations Are Unchanged and That He Is in Italy to ‘Embrace’ His Son
ROME, Feb. 8 (AP)---Enzo Fiermonte, young boxer whose return to his homeland created some confusion as to his marital status and plans, issued a brief statement to night designed to clear the atmosphere.

"I returned to Italy principally to embrace my son [by his first wife] and my relations with my wife [the present one, the former Mrs. Madeline Force Astor Dick] are unchanged," Enzo declared.

He dined with his mother tonight, and it was the turn of the first Mrs. Fiermonte to be distrait [sic] as there were other indications that Enzo might return to Mrs. Fiermonte No. 2.

In Rome, Enzo's mother said that his conferences with his first wife, Tosca, had been "satisfactorily concluded," and that tonight or tomorrow he probably would go to Naples, from which port he and the present Mrs. Fiermonte would embark on a trip along the French Riviera.

The present wife was disturbed by the reports of Enzo's conferences at Genoa and Florence with wife No. 1 and his son.

The first Mrs. Enzo, in Rome, angrily refused to discuss the matter and appeared as disconsolate as had the second Mrs. Fiermonte when she learned of the Florence-Genoa incidents.

[Note: The bracketing in the second paragraph is in the original article.]

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