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Italian Boxer Remains With Former Mrs. Astor an Hour Then Hurries Away
His First Wife Quits Her Job as He is Said to Have Provided for Her and Their Son
NAPLES, Sunday, Feb. 10 (AP)---Young Enzo Fiermonte, shorn of his passport, arrived in Naples from his home in Rome last night, had a post-midnight hour's talk with his second wife, Mrs. Madeleine Force Astor Dick Fiermonte, at her sumptuous hotel and then left to spend the rest of the night with a brother-in-law through his first marriage.

Fiermonte arrived in a taxi at the hotel at 12:30 A. M. and started up to his wife's room without registering. Hotel officials asked him for his traveling papers---a requirement of law in Italy---and learned at the elevator that he did not have them with him.

They permitted him, however, to visit his American wife. The Italian boxer left about 1:30 A. M, with his brother-in-law, Ugo Persico. Hotel officials said apparently the Naples police had not yet received orders concerning the boxer's passport difficulties.

Rome police "retired his passport" last night shortly before Fiermonte slipped out of the city for Naples, his latest of frequent moves which have kept Italy guessing as to his plans. The second Mrs. Fiermonte had waited his arrival, she said, to start their "second honeymoon." She complained of an injured shoulder which she had suffered in the United States.

Fiermonte said farewell in Rome yesterday to his first wife, Tosca, and their baby son, Ginni, whom he came to Italy to see, accompanied by the widow of John Jacob Astor. His mother revealed her son and his second wife were going to make a fresh start in their romance.

"My son really loves the American lady a great deal," said the elder Mrs. Fiermonte after a long talk with her son. "Although she is older than he, Enzo says she seems much younger than she is."

Fiermonte saw his first wife and their son first at Genoa, after landing in Italy from the United States, then at Florence and Friday night again in Rome. It was learned she had bought an apartment for 50,000 lire ($4,250) and had given up her job in a shirt factory. It was said on good authority in Rome that Fiermonte had made generous financial provision for them.

While waiting for the boxer to rejoin her, a reunion which had not materialized up to a late hour tonight, the second Mrs. Fiermonte expressed anger at the Italian press.

The press here has played the story of the wandering Fiermonte at length, with emphasis on his "bravura" and the great love he demonstrated for his small son.

On the other hand, the American woman has received chilly references as "an American millionairess who is jealous." The Italian newspapers have contended Fiermonte was seeking a reconciliation with the Italian girl, declaring she was his choice.

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