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Lawyer Urges Former Mrs. Astor to Depart From Italy Lest Government Act
ROME, Feb. 11 (AP)---The possibility of legal action by the Italian Government on charges of bigamy against both Mrs. Madeleine Force Astor Dick Fiermonte and her pugilistic husband was suggested today by Mrs. Fiermonte's attorney, Francesco Montefredini, widely known Italian lawyer, who advised her to
get out of Italy.

He was reported to have told the second Mrs. Fiermonte that she might face a sentence of from one to five years for participating in bigamy, since Italian laws do not recognize divorce.

Fiermonte was divorced from his Italian wife in a United States court. Signor Montefredini told his client that Fiermonte had not registered his American divorce or his marriage to her in New York with the Italian Consulate there.

This, he said, was the reason Enzo Fiermonte's passport had been withdrawn by the government until the police have investigated the circumstances of his divorce and remarriage. The attorney made a report of the situation to Ambassador Breckenridge Long.

He said he had "instructed her not to pay any money to any one without consulting me."

Fiermonte visited his first wife here and after talking with her for some time took their small son out with him. He had returned to Rome last night from Naples, where he held a reportedly unsatisfactory conversation with the second Mrs. Fiermonte.

The Italian attorney said that the New York woman had told him that she had married Fiermonte with the understanding that he was a bachelor.

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