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Cornelius J. Sullivan, referee in the application of George J. Gillespie as guardian for Marguerite and Barbara, infant children of the late Benjamin Guggenheim, to the Surrogates' Court to determine whether the estate of their father had received the full sum due from transactions in which he was interested, filed his report yesterday and accompanying testimony. The application of Mr. Gillespie makes it clear that in filing it, he did not wish to impugn the correctness of the accounting made of their brother's estate by Isaac, Murray, and Daniel Guggenheim, appointed executors under the will of Benjamin Guggenheim, who lost his life on the Titanic, but acted from a desire to safeguard the interests of the children.

The accounting of the estate made by the executors showed $114,196 to be due the decedent as his share in various transactions in which he was interested with his brothers. Accompanying the referee's report was a statement by Louis S. Levy of Stanchfield & Levy, representing the executors, which reviewed the various transactions involved in the business of the brothers, and presented the basis of the accounting made by the executors.

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