First Claims due to Titanic Disaster to Be Settled

Chicago Tribune


First Claims due to Titanic Disaster to Be Settled In United States, So Far as Known

            Heirs of the late Ervin G. Lewy, 5628 South Park avenue, who was lost with the Titanic, have received $20,000 from the Illinois Life Insurance company. So far as known this is the first insurance claim arising from that disaster to be settled in the United States.
            Half of the amount was paid to Lewy Brothers company, 204 South State street, the jewelry firm of which he was the treasurer. The other half went to the estate. The surviving brothers are Marks, Jay B., and Max D. Lewy.
            “There were no undertaker’s of doctor’s certificates of death and the company had to strain several points in allowing the claim,” said President James W. Stevens.
 Chicago Tribune, Saturday, May 11, 1912, p. l, c. 6

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