Five Celestials Among Rescued

How They Got There a Mystery

Brooklyn Daily Eagle

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How They Got There a Mystery

One of the survivors of the Titanic tragedy said today:

“One of the strangest things about the whole awful occurrence was the presence of five Chinamen in the lifeboats when they reached the Carpathia. No one could tell where the Chinese came from, not how they got in the boats, but there they were.

“of course, the most of what I know, I got from the men on the Titanic. These fellows told me that lots more could have got away, only no one would believe that the ship would sink. Why, one waiter, who was saved, told me that he was in a card game with five more, and someone put his head in the door and shouted that the ship was sinking, but the players said: “Don’t make us laugh.” and they kept on playing, except the one who was telling it to me.

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Michael Poirier, Gordon Steadwood


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